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Stimulus Development Programme a driving force in the Human Capital Development launched by Ebonyi Govt.


Mr Uchenna Orji, the state Commissioner for Human Capital Development and Monitoring, disclosed this in an interview on Tuesday in Abakaliki.

He noted that the programme was under the state governor’s mentorship scheme.

Orji said that the government has entered into agreement with Park Hill Consulting firm to implement the programme, adding that necessary legislation will be made to sustain it.

“The programme will identify individuals with engineering, technology, business management, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and teaching interests, including those above 50 years of age.

“The successful applicants after being shortlisted, will be assisted by the consultant to develop saleable and bankable proposals for the business of choice.

“The consultant will interface with relevant agencies from the government and private sector for the required funds while the government would be the guarantor for such facilities.

“The successful applicants will, after a two-week intensive training, start businesses of their choices as the government is determined to develop individuals financially aside providing necessary infrastructure.

“The proposed businesses will be established in the state and everyone, including those residing outside the state, can benefit,” he said.

He said that over 200 persons would be targeted as beneficiaries with the consultant determining the amount sufficient for each business, based on the available proposals.

Orji added that applicants could apply through a seamless online registration exercise, as the shortlisted ones would be trained on marketing strategies, business management methods of preparing bankable proposals, among others.

“There would also be an effective monitoring and evaluation mechanism to ensure that the beneficiaries do not waste the funds, be self-reliant and contribute to the economic development of the state.

“We have commenced the process of awareness,” he said.

Chief Uzoma Onyekwere, Chief Executive of Park Hill consulting firm, noted that Ebonyi government intends to replicate the stimulus polices of the United States of America after the second world war and during the Barack Obama’s administration.

“The US set up agencies to make small business thrive under stimulus programmes and made relevant funds available for the programmes.

“It is not enough to provide infrastructure, but to create opportunities for self sustenance through provision of funds and training people with skills to create wealth.

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