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PDP described the stoppage of the School Feeding Programme as a scam to loot public fund.


The Ekiti State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party National New Media Group (PDP-NNMG) has described the stoppage of the School Feeding Programme launched on May 7, 2019, by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as another clear manifestation that the programme was designed to loot public fund.

The PDP-NNMG, which said food vendors had stopped participating in the programme because of the ridiculous amount they were being paid, disclosed that a sum of N35,000 was being paid to feed 70 pupils for 10 days, “meaning that N50 was provided for the feeding of one pupil per day”.

In a statement on Monday, the Ekiti State Coordinator of the PDP-NNMG, Bola Agboola asked: “what manner of food can N50 provide for a child in this present day Nigeria?”

The Ekiti PDP media group said it was unspeakable that a government, which claimed to be fighting corruption, could display sumptuous meals for pupils when the Vice President visited Ekiti State to launch the programme only for funds provided for food vendors to be reduced to such a ridiculous amount of N3,500 for 70 pupils per day when the Vice President left.

The PDP-NNMG disclosed that about 600 food vendors were commissioned for the programme, adding that only 308 were paid N35, 000 at its commencement and the 308 have stopped taking food to schools assigned to them because the N35,000 per 70 pupils for 10 days was inadequate.

“As at today, there is no school in Ekiti State where students are being fed, not a single one. So what has happened to the programme launched with fanfare three weeks ago? What has happened to the millions of naira earmarked for it?

“What happened to the 25 vendors they hurriedly arranged and paid extra money to make special meal on May 7, 2019, that the programme was launched?” it asked.

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