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Nigeria big fresh eggs business in Abuja


RTD Director Pharmacist Mrs Murna Kazzah, had opened eggs farm,called MK EGGS FARMS, located at No 24 Adamu Fika Street,Life camp Abuja Nigeria.Tel:+2348034530967.Mrs Kazzah said TODAY that the new farm will be gearing up to increase its Big fresh eggs production by 200 per cent.


MK EGGS providing livestock with wholesome and nutritious feed, having a suitable environmental design, and they have caring and responsible plan for managing the livestock.

The farm have “skilled, knowledgeable and conscientious animal care, factors which contribute to more nutritious eggs”.

When asked why the company is pushing on to raise its BIG egg production Mrs Kazzah said that the company is willing to take on the challenge. Seeing Lagos markets having success with big eggs gives her the confidence, and she could possibly learn from and model after Lagos egg farms.

Mrs Kazzah recognises that eggs are an economical and nutritious staple in most diets and that consumers today are increasingly health- and eco-conscious.

“As a result, the demand for nutritious eggs produced in the right environment has become even more important. By providing products that are responsibly produced and ethically farmed, we can ensure that our business keeps up with the expectations of our diverse customer base,” he added.BENGBENRO NEWS

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