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No Honor among Thieves


By Ayantunji Benjamin Gbenro (PhD)


Honor is an alien in a society where the only motivating factor for any action is the stomach. This is often the case among politician globally. The Nigeria’s case is worse. Politicians have no hue in jumping from one political platform to the other in order to seek power which is ultimately for their self aggrandizement. This trend won’t be an issue if the younger generation is not towing the same line; we can say there is hope for the future. However, the younger generation is worse, especially in Nigeria. They can shout crucify him today against any leader and sing hosanna tomorrow about the same leader or ideal as long as the prize is right. The most intriguing thing is how they are not in any way impugned by their conscience. The conscience is seared. The end justifies the means. To them, the more unprincipled you are the smarter you appear.

A case in hand is the recent appointment of Dr. Fetus Adedayo of Tribune Newspaper as the SA media to the Senate President, Dr. Ahmed Lawal. The first surprise is how Dr. Lawal, an avow Buharist, a self profess Progressive and leader of APC, would appoint a person whose only claim to fame is his vitriolic against anything Dr. Lawal claim to stand for into such a sensitive position. What is the union between a trader and an insane individual? Will the trader sells to the mad man or does the mad man needs the wares been traded? Is the Senate President’s team so incompetent that they cannot carry out due diligence on people to be appointed into his team or does what he actually stands for negates what he profess? How can the two reconcile the differences in their ideology for harmonious relationship? Is the Senate President saying that he cannot find any competent hand among his party faithful who were in the trenches with him? I have seen people justifying the Senate President using the Second Law from the book “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Green. While the second law which encourages the person in power to turn an enemy to friend can justify Dr. Lawal’s action when taking in isolation, the tenth law warns against associating with a toxic individual. Is the toxicity against APC and President Mohammadu Buhari a secret desire for the Senate President? If yes, then he made a right move. If not, then this appointment ought not to happen and since it has happened then it needs to be revised.

On the part of Dr. Festus Adedayo, how does he reconcile his vituperation about everything APC stands for in the past four years and his role as a spokesman for one of the key offices under APC? Could it be that the vituperations were to put him in the market for the highest bidder? What will he now tell his followers that have urged him on over the years in his attacks on APC and everything the party stands for? Has he no shame? Will he now use the same mouth he used to denigrate to praise? Even if he was contacted for the job, he could have declined if he has any honor. Some people are arguing that he is a professional and can take any job; so much for professionalism. Where was his professionalism when he obviously chose a political divide? His professionalism doesn’t see anything good in Buhari and APC but can work under APC Senate President? If nobody has informed him, Dr. Festus Adedayo should be told that he is a shameless professional? His stomach is his God.

For APC, it’s time to reward party loyalty if any lesson was learnt between 2015 and 2019. I can’t comprehend why the party will keep empowering the opposition against itself. There is no amount of diplomacy that can assuage detractors. Stop trying to be nice. Get people that share the party’s ideal into position. That’s the only way to deliver on your promises. 2023 is just by the corner; Nigerians will decide based on your performance.

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