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Brexit: Nigel Farage says he will not stand in general election


Nigel Farage Brexit party leader, has said he will not stand in the upcoming general election, claiming he could better “serve the cause” by supporting his party’s 600 candidates across the UK.

On Friday, the Brexit party leader offered Boris Johnson the choice of forming an electoral alliance or facing a nationwide challenge in every seat at the election.

Reuters described the announcement “as a potential setback for Johnson”, which “risks splitting the vote of Brexit supporters in an election that will once again pit those who want to leave the European Union against those who want to stay, more than three years after Britain voted to quit the bloc in a referendum”

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr, Farage, who has stood unsuccessfully for Parliament seven times, once again criticised the prime minister’s Brexit deal as “virtually worse that being in the EU”.

His political opponents “will suggest he’s not going to run because he thinks he’s not going to win” says BBC political correspondent Jessica Parker. “But the flip side is that rather than concentrating on one constituency where he personally might try to win, Farage is making it clear he’s going to try to make Boris Johnson’s life pretty difficult”.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the former Ukip leader revealed that he had twice been offered a peerage in an attempt to get him to stand down Brexit Party candidates who are making things difficult for the Conservatives.

However, former UKIP top donor and Leave.EU co-founder Arron Banks told The Sunday Express Farage needs to “step back and be more strategic,” adding: “The announcement he will stand candidates in every seat unless Boris forms a pact with him is unnecessarily belligerent.”

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