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By Minkail Olaitan.

Dedication: to those that have lost their granny that they also don’t wish to leave, those that have lost people in their life that they love you more than you think and also for girls that think their appearance is their complete beauty to know their good character is the definition of their true beauty.

It was two weeks after the death of Mrs Mobolape, Tunbosun grandmother that he realised how life became scanty, while his blossom memories with grandma rapidly catch up with the coast of loneliness. However, it’s not that he didn’t have people to talk to, but even, her parent could not fill the vacuum that his granny had left.

Because, he couldn’t imagine how wonderful she was, to him, she was the most beautiful woman, mother, best friend, story teller, comedian, his model and his gist partner. Though, his mother is also sparkling like day light but he respected that of granny.

The woman which at her late eighties looked as if she was in her early 50s, her face was less wrinkled, apart from the one that showed when she was laughing, one of the most surprising part of her was that she was hardworking and mostly she had stressful day but one will rarely see her complaining about strokes of stress, and it’s not shown in her appearance.

What about her undiluted fair complexion that made her attractive, her darkish long hair that makes one remembers the finest woman of 1960s, her eyes that sliced clear through him like a razor meeting the supple flesh of a fresh- faced infant, the symphony of her voice when singing, especially Tope Alabi songs is capable of breaking stonny heart.

Also, her height that always sparked up confusion, which made people concluded her to be Angel or her body fit everyone style of clothes, while she was called queen of ASA whenever she wore buba and iro.

Not only that, but also her smile that show her dimples, she is always in full health, Perhaps, that’s what made her lineless face glowed radiantly and serenity that she exuded proved her different.

Mrs mobalade appearance remains fresh in his head as if she was a subject he must pass by all means.

“Grandma, you disappoint me by leaving in this ocean of loneliness” he muttered.

Meanwhile, he had told her that he would come to her for mid term holidays, while she also accepted his request. Though he always visit Grandma three days in week in evening after school period, the request was stated in mid term because he wants to enjoy grandma the more.

Its on Wednesday, in the break time when he sat under mango tree beside his class, that he remembered how his lovely grandma did make him happy by enchanting his (oriki) which always increases his feeble morale.

Also, he wanted to hear the full track of his panageric, because grandma always shortened it and he did enjoyed it.

Howbeit, fate prevented her from fulfilling her promise. He was lost in the wilderness of imagination while he asked himself softly ” how boring this mid term holiday would be?”

He didn’t recover from this strokes of thought till he got back home, while sadness was boldly written on his face. As he opened the door, ‘welcome my boy’ his mother greeted him. ‘Yes ma’, he grudgingly replied.

“Bosun, what has happened? You don’t sound well, why?”, “Nothing”, he replied under his voice.

“I want to believe you didn’t involve yourself in quarrel” she keenly asked. “No ma” he replied as he pulled off his school uniform.

After long silence, ” mummy, tomorrow begins the mid term holiday but granny couldn’t see it, did she intentionally did? He lamented, as the ball of tears roll through his cheeks.

“Huh, bosun, you should know grandma loves you more than you can think, she is not wicked for her not to tell you she wouldn’t fulfill her promise, but the unwanted messenger didn’t inform her of anything like death and he didn’t inform before it bumped into action” she replied as she embraced him.

She continued, “maybe you don’t know, grandma specialty is more beyond her beauty, smartness and healthy looking but the vast of his beauty lies in the verge of her good character, her husband, Mr Mobalade also testified to the fact that she is not beautiful because of his appearance, she is of good character which is the author and the finisher of her beauty”

“She cares for everybody, you rarely see her quarrelling with others, she maintain her integrity and wraps of such. Now tell me how do you think we all feel”, we are all sad” she said frantically.

Bosun, felt the seriously and pain everybody in his neighborhood through his mother words and reaction. And thanked her for the fact.

Its was shinning Thursday morning, midterm holiday indeed, bosun was preparing to go out with her mother, but she is not ready yet.

That was what made him to stand before one large Barcelona 2016 wallpaper, he was staring at perhaps the then team players. That was how he looked up and saw Grandma picture one frame beside his church calendar, he smiled and shook his head to celebrate the wonderful woman he knew.

While he said in question tone, ” why do flower wither”. 


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