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You may be putting your health at risk when you keep your phone close at night


Sleeping next to your phone is a great way to be sure you’ll never miss a call, text, or email but it can be hazardous to the health. 

When you keep your phones close, you're susceptible to cell phone radiation [Baby Center]
When you keep your phones close, you’re susceptible to cell phone radiation [Baby Center]

Do you know that your cell phones emit signals via radio waves? Just imagine what those waves will do to you if you keep it close to you at night.

This is why you need to keep your cell phones far away at night. Your phone should be at leastthree feet away from your bed to limit exposure to radio-frequency energy.Let’s talk about cell radiation came into the picture. 

Cell phones emit radio-frequency energy [Pulse Nigeria]

Cell phones emit radio-frequency energy, which is a form of radiation when they communicate with network towers. Even if it’s just sitting there, not currently being used but connected to a network, it still emits a small amount of radiation.

During the night, your cell phone usually doesn’t transmit as much as it does during the day. It will infrequently broadcast to the network while it waits for an incoming call or text. When you go into a call, you expose yourself to a higher level of radiation. It is recommended to use a bag or holder to keep the phone away from the body at all times. At night especially, avoid placing your cell phone near your waist.

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