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Inspiring story: I was lost in the seventh heaven


They stood together.

very closely.

Seemingly are intimate.


Or brothers.

They sat in the first place.

Among mens.



To had an humorless.


So they are exited sitting.

Walked up away from those men.

Then stop.

Perhaps their preferred locus.

So three of them stood up.


very earnestly.

though it was hush-hush discussion, that’ lest one join them one would barely hear them.

One of them is of average height and had cut his hair to scalp. Like skirtel former Liverpool player.

his head like a stainless place against sun.

Very shinny.

The other one is of tall height.

like Chinese bamboo tree after escaping long years of experience under ground.

Also have cutted his hair, perhaps low cut, though no shape.

He have to bent a little down.

to reach his colleagues height because the third man is little taller than the skin head man.

Their discussion was very serious, which they had forgot people are watching them.


The tallest man said loudly.
“I intentionally voted against him, such a monarchy and absolute system of government, we need something different”

As he wringed his hands together.

Having said that loudly he didn’t realize how loudly his voice was,

So he grinned.

” Really, likewise I just have an aversion for him, that’s why I didn’t vote him” skinny head man replied.

In accordance.

“Same as if we are the same or we came out from one woman’s womb” the other snapped in.

as they shouted in surprise.

Though they had same feeling.

While not knowing the tallest man among them,

a man i guessed in his mid 60years said.
Pitifully and shamefully.

” And that aversion is what beget my present stagnation”

“Why, what’ has happened?”

They asked curiously.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you that adisa my son was given a job in Abuja, distinctly in the Villa, when i heard about it ehnn, I was lost in the seventh heaven and for like 15minutes, diverse praises and worship songs are gushing out my mouth: from Tope Alabi, to don moen to yinka ayefele and like that.

as if I won a multi-billion amount of money. Not untill I asked him the condition of the work and he told him, the asked for the signature of the same man that we showing antipathy at”.

Having heard that, for some minutes.

I don’t get myself right.



And my teeth failed to dance to stay.

gnashing vigorously.

I was over bewildered,

Then asked myself

” what have I done?”

Meanwhile, few day before that day, I had insulted that same man, bragged and reduces his seniority with my perverse words.

He stopped for for a while.

regret descended upon him.

His eyes had gone red.

That he fight himself back.

To resist tears struggling to fall from his eyes.

Then continued.

Not only that, i bragged to the length that I told him to kill me if I come for help from him”

To cut everything short, he pouted his mouth.

Bitterly and momentarily.

” my son loss that very job and up till now he haven’t get any yet, my son then rebuked and said he regretted having me has his father”

So, that’ how the irritating smelling of hatred chokes me, I mean Mr choker” as he pointed his middle finger at himself.

And then urge his colleagues that,

” I wish you build love and not hatred, because one can not bear it choking smells”

The release breathing.


And in unison.

And agreed.

To reinvigorate and mend their way.



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