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Flavour and Chidinma deliver an overdue project on ’40 Yrs (Everlasting)’ EP


PR stunts are a funny thing. Sometimes, they are a forced conception of a daredevil PR agent. Other times, they are an effortless plot by two willing individuals for which there is ample chemistry.

Chidinma and Flavour belong to the latter category. In 2013, they tickled our aproko senses with what seemed like ‘relationship vibes.’ Like Wizkid and Tiwa Savage, what we had were thoughts that were never confirmed. It didn’t help that we were led on by acts who willingly bought into the hype.

In a video for ‘Ololufe,’ they kissed and smooched. In their video for ‘Oh Baby,‘ they smooched and canoodled. In their video for ‘Mama‘ in 2016, they brought it back again. Their personal and creative chemistry was palpable and excellent. Unlike Simi and Falz who ‘sealed their relationship’ with the solemnity of a project titled, Chemistry, Flavour and Chidinma missed their moment.

About four years later than anticipated, they tried to stir that pot again. While they inevitably sent tongues wagging with pictures of a seeming traditional marriage, people didn’t really care as they once did. Like what Wizkid and Tiwa Savage have noticed, people met Flavour and Chidinma with cynicism.

But on November 18, 2019, it became clear that their ‘traditional wedding’ was just part of another roll-out. The end goal is 40 Yrs (Everlasting), a 5-track collaborative EP by both acts. Here is a review of the EP;

‘Nkem’ means ‘my own’ in Igbo. The song starts off with strumming of an acoustic guitar. It feels like a ballad, but then it becomes hi-life/Afro&B. On it, Flavour and Chidinma are lovers who make solemn promises to each other.

’40 Yrs‘ is a beautiful afro-dance song. With a video, t was released as lead single for the EP. It’s going to be one of the most underrated songs of November 2019. The only problem is the auto-tune overkill. ‘Mma Mma‘ continues the trend of love-filled tunes. This songs feels suited to a video where two lovers are ‘playing love’ in a garden.

‘Iyawo Mi’ has the makings of music from Northern Nigeria with pop trumpets for definition. On it, Flavour blesses the day he found his wife – played by Chidinma. The EP gets rounded off by an acoustic version of ‘Nkem.’

Final thoughts

Ultimately, 40 Yrs (Everlasting) is too short for a cogent judgement, but it’s also quite enjoyable in its preciseness. That said, it should or could have been longer. When it’s all said and done, the project comes later than appropriate – 2016. It’s not all bad though, they still did justice albeit with an insufficient project – by length.

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