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Monguno’s accusers do not wish Niger Delta region well — CNDC


The group was reacting to a video and write-up on a cloned website calling for the intervention of former presidents to call President Muhammadu Buhari to order on some manufactured allegations against the NSA.

The CNDC in a statement signed by its convener, Dr Ebiowei ThankGod on Thursday, May 28, said the move is an attempt by mischief makers to demean Monguno and assassinate his character. Part of the statement read: ”A quick perusal through the write-up and video would easily confirm the ignorance and pettiness of the authors and their sponsors.

They do not even have the depth and understanding to frame their own lies. The best response would have been to keep quiet and give them the silence that fools best deserve.

However, we understand the strategic nature of the office of the NSA and do know that the continuous peddling of such tissue of lies could have latent implications on our fragile national security, that way these mischief-makers would have won. For the avoidance of doubt, the NSA, Gen Monguno is an accomplished intelligent chief who has had a meritorious career with an unblemished record in the military before his current position.

His achievements are glowing testimonies to his dedication to duty and patriotism. Those who know him can attest to his impeccable character and incorruptible approach to public service.

For instance, as soon as he heard rumours of corruption at the Presidential Amnesty Office, he quickly constituted an independent committee to look at the issues and make recommendations to his office. How can the same person be associated with corruption? Many observers nationwide especially in the Niger Delta are aware of the sources of this obnoxious and baseless smear campaign of calumny against the person and office of the NSA. It is obviously sponsored by those who want to occupy the position of the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme but who do not know how to go about it.

Rather than showcase their pedigree and canvass for acceptability among stakeholders, they have resorted to cheap blackmail and assassination of the characters of Gen. Monguno and Prof Charles Dokubo. The group distanced itself from the video, affirming that so far, there is no one planning to destabilize the amnesty program or the Niger Delta region. ”All the claims about re-allocation of the resources meant for the amnesty program to the North East have fabricated tales by moonlight with no linkage with reality. ”For us, we believe that the NSA should ignore these merchants of mischief and continue his good work to ensure that the whole country continues to get their due for security, national prosperity and sustainable development,” the group said.

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