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Inside Jigawa forgotten villages


They are right within the Dutse capital city of Jigawa, but none of them is taken seriously in the scheme of things in the state and local government areas.

The 10 villages with an estimated 25,000 population have always been known and recognised as being within the precincts of the Federal University Dutse, FUD, Jigawa State, but they have not been given their fair share of attention either by the state or the Federal Government since the advent of modern Nigeria.

In other words, despite their existence since independence over 60 years ago, the inhabitants of Maja, Gurungu, Gidan Baki, Sharifai, Bakin Jeji, Bulori, Kawaye, Hausawa, Rahama and Katangar Lafiya of Dutse Local Government have not enjoyed the kind of attention due to communities that are etched on the shoulders of state capital, raising the fear that they might have been forgotten by the state.

As it is, these 10 communities are actually classified along with the metropolis of Dutse the state capital but they lack the basic facilities that often define metropolitan communities in Nigeria. They are right within the Dutse Capital Development Authority, DCDA, which spans about 15 kilometres of the capital and lie within two kilometres away from the Ibrahim Aliyu By-pass.

But this is not to say that politicians do not know them. However, the only time these communities see and shake hands with top government officials is usually during electioneering campaigns when politicians meet with them and promise them goodies which have never ever arrived.

Despite their proximity to modernity, squalor, poverty and backwardness largely define their existence over the years and there seems to be no end in sight. For instance, none of these communities has social amenities that can enhance the standard of living of rural dwellers.

Take Maja community, for example, The people were originally in Mogorawa which now houses the Federal University of Dutse and were relocated to pave the way for the institution. Once they were displaced for the institution, their fate was handed over to uncertainty and that has remained their condition till date.

They have no roads, electricity, water or health facilities to assist them in living a meaningful life. Though the state government is making effort aimed at rehabilitating roads in the area and provide adequate infrastructure for the natives, the effort is yet to fully address the infrastructure deficiency in the area.

A resident of the area, Mal. Sani Ilu, who spoke to Arewa Voice, lamented the failure of the government to provide the basic facilities for the people over the years despite their closeness to the seat of power. Ilu warned that they might not be able to vote for any politician in the next election if their quest for social amenities was not met.

But the Chairman of Dutse Municipal Council, Bala ‘Yar gaba, has said that the government is willing to address the infrastructure challenges of the communities by providing electric poles and other accessories to aid in the extension of power to the areas. When the promise did not materialise, the natives used Neem trunks to tap electricity to their homes.

But the communities are happy with a member of the State House of Representatives, Musa Sule Dutse, for liaising with the Rural Electrification Agency, REA, to connect the communities to the national greed as part of his constituency projects.

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